Stallion lines Gelder Horse Breeding

Mapping things out

Please find below the Stallion lines of the Gelder Horse Breeding. Just download the document where indicated.

It is an enormous work to give an overview of the development of the different lines over the years.

When looking to the development of the Gelder Horse Breeding one can identify 7 big lines and a number of smaller lines gathered under Various. For each of these lines you can find when the founding fathers have been put into breeding and how long they have been active. The same also for their sons, grandsons etc.

Because this all has been put into a time table, you then also have an overview which stallions have been active for breeding for each of the different years.

The document below gives a first picture, but it is still incomplete.



Development of the different stallion lines in Gelder Horse Breeding

WORK UNDER PROCESS (This means not yet complete, but already a good picture to understand how things have evolved over years.)